Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Few Photos From Last Week

The seed pod from a viola with seeds
 In one of my burn-pile quadrats, I found some viola seed pods.  One with seeds and one without.  These seed pods explode to disperse the seeds.  Charlie said that it is usually in the Spring so it is rare to see them this late in the Summer.
A seed pod from a viola after it has lost its seed

 I found this pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla or Hyla regilla).  It was really huge for a tree frog.  Probably the biggest I've seen.  It was in the strip of trees between two of the treatment meadows.  I just learned that this is the state frog of Washington and it is considered a keystone species because of its role in the food web.  Garter snakes will eat them, but we haven't seen any snakes on Bunchgrass Ridge.  This frog was almost white, but they can change colors depending on their background.


Lunch time

Liam, Shannon, and I finished surveying the burn piles.  Liam has all of the data input.  Soon, we'll be able to show some data.

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