Sunday, July 7, 2013

L. Beckman HJA Week 2

7:36 pm 06/30/13 Quartz Creek Building, HJ Andrews HQ
To Whom It May Concern,
            I spent today’s time wisely by accomplishing many odds-and-ends:
·         Morning (8 am-12 pm):
o   made math notecards for future calculus courses
o   typed journal entries
·         Noon (12 pm-2 pm)
o   contributed to Magee’s blog
o   e-mailed parents
·         Afternoon (2 pm-6 pm)
o   practiced calligraphy
o   began final poster for Ritz’s and my project
·         Evening (6 pm-8 pm)
o   practiced yoga out by slew
o   calibrated/compared thermometers for circadian rhythm analysis
I believe that I have two more days off, which gives me lots of time to work on my projects! I conclude this journal entry with a quote by J.H. Patterson:
“It is only those who do not know how to work that do not love it. To those who do, it is better than play—it is religion.”
Liam Beckman
7:55 pm 07/01/13 Quartz Creek Building HJ Andrews HQ
To Whom It May Concern,
            don’t ever go on an expedition without food or water, because you may end up eating trees and unknown plants like I did. I wanted to go to Watershed 7 to find the remains of a WWII trainer plane. Unfortunately, my lack of fitness held me back from  my objective. My energy levels absolutely crashed about three-quarters of the way up. I soon grew so desperate for nutrition that I sampled edible-looking flora and ate young hemlock branches. I backed up the latter based on previously read information from Pojar’s Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast, so my efforts were not entirely void of scientific logic. However, there remains no excuse for my lack of preparation and I feel fortunate that my errors did not affect me more negatively. Such is the life of a learning, adapting 18-year-old.
            Apart from the bad stuff listed above, I had a blast exploring the forest complex. Tomorrow I plan to kayak more of the reservoir. I conclude this journal entry with a quote by Nietzsche:
“What makes a man noble? Not sacrifice, for the most extreme sensualist is capable of sacrifice. Not the following of a passion, for some passions are shameful. Not the serving of others without self-seeking, for perhaps it is just the self-seeking of the noblest which brings forth the greatest results. No; but something in passion which is special and not conscious; a discernment which is rare and singular and akin to frenzy; a sense of heat in things which for others are cold; a perception of values for which no estimate has been established; a sacrificing on alters which are dedicated to an unknown God; a courage that claims no homage; a self-sufficiency which is super-abundant and unites men and things.”
Liam Beckman
9:59 pm 07/02/13 Quartz Creek Building, HJ Andrews HQ
To Whom It May Concern,
            At this moment, I feel exhausted, sunburned, and proud of myself.
            Exhausted because I ran this morning and this evening—once out toward the reservoir and once out toward Lookout Creek. During the reservoir, I climbed a ginormous fallen tree slanted way up on a hill. I also made a garbage run (damn polluters!). I immensely enjoyed the Lookout Creek run, during which I:
·         Inhaled a bug (gross! but extra protein for the run!)
·         caused a minor landslide while clambering up a hill
·         cooled off in the creek
·         saw the biggest spider web I’ve ever seen (d ≈ length of arm)
Sunburned because I didn’t use a drop of sunscreen today, like a dope!
            Proud of myself because I did my first left-handed kayak roll out on the reservoir. I also finally learned the difference between α-Glucose, β-Glucose, and Linear-Glucose:
·         α: hydroxyl group on Carbon #1 above ring plane (less common/stable than β)
·         β: hydroxyl group on Carbon #1 above ring (more common/stable than α)
·         Linear: Carboxyl group in aldose configuration, not a ring.
I conclude this journal entry with a quote by Max O’Rell: “Luck means the hardships and privations which you have not hesitated to endure; the long nights you have dedicated to work. Luck means the appointments you have never failed to keep; the trains you have never failed to catch.”
Liam Beckman
9:15 pm 07/03/13 Quartz Creek Building, HJ Andrews HQ
To Whom It May Concern,
            first day of work after a four-day weekend and I am beat! Ritz, Magee, and I transitioned from traditional plant transects to burn pile quadrants. I feel confident that our botanical expertise is increasing with every hour out in the field.
            I conclude this journal entry with a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson:
“Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.”
Liam Beckman
8:15 pm 07/04/13 Quartz Creek Building, HJ Andrews HQ
To Whom It May Concern,
            work progressed per usual today. This morning, Magee, Ritz, and I surveyed burn plots today. They continued this into the afternoon while I helped Nicholas with his tree tallies. His work takes a lot of concentration as he is looking for tree seedlings/saplings among 5 m2 subplots. I enjoyed gaining a different perspective of the ecosystem there at Bunchgrass Ridge. Magee and Ritz left for home after work today. I will stay on tomorrow in order to make-up for my future absence at UO’s IntroDUCKtion. Happy Independence Day! I conclude this journal entry with a quote by Philips brooks:
“The ideal life is in our blood and never will be still. Sad will be the day for any man when he becomes contented with the thoughts he is thinking and the deeds he is doing,—where there is not forever beating at the doors of his soul some great desire to do something large, which he knows that he was meant to and made to do.”
Liam Beckman
11:39 am 07/06/13 Quartz Creek Building, HJ Andrews HQ [For 07/05/13]
To Whom It May Concern,
            Yesterday we completed Plot 2 surveys and moved onto Plot 1 in the afternoon. The difference in plant species between Plots 1 and 2 is rather significant, so the learning curve has again steepened. Work is progressing as scheduled.
            I conclude this journal entry with a quote by Thomas Huxley:
“None have fought better, and none have been more fortunate, then Charles Darwin. He found a great truth trodden underfoot, reviled by bigots, and ridiculed by all the world; he lived long enough to see it, chiefly by his own efforts irrefragably established in science, inseparably incorporated into the common thoughts of man. What shall a man desire more than this?”
Liam Beckman
9:23 pm 07/06/13 Quartz Creek Building, HJ Andrews HQ
To Whom It May Concern,
            according to The Cartoon History of Time by Charlesworth and Gribbin, for the Earth to become a black hole, it would need to shrink down until it had a radius of 1 cm. Furthermore, the dual nature of the electron may be reconciled with Heisenberg’s realization that the waves of an electron extend out to the size of what we’d think of as a particle. I enjoy this book!
            Today I studied up on electron configurations, rationed my food supply, and selected my top choices for college courses. Tomorrow, Zak, Shan, Charlie, and I will go hiking. Sounds sweet! I conclude this journal entry with a quote from The Cartoon History of Time:
“Always believe your observations, not your theories! (No matter how near they may be to your heat)—if the two are in conflict!”
Liam Beckman

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