Saturday, July 27, 2013

Preview of Burn Pile Data

Liam has been inputting data from the burn piles and has begun data analysis.  Here is a preview.  "C" is the center of the burn pile, "E" is the just inside the edge of the burn pile, and the two marked "U" are the unburned areas.  This is only the data from this years data collection.  Eventually it can be compared with the data from earlier surveys to see how the ground cover have changed over time.

Liam and Shannon will be creating a final report about this data.  That report will most likely be posted here when it is all finished.

Nico and I found this poop.  He convinced me that it was toad based on the beetle parts inside.

 This is along the Lookout Creek Old-Growth Trail at HJ Andrews.  On the way to the trail-head, we found two researchers whose car had slid down a soft shoulder.  It sounds it slid just enough to keep the wheels from catching.  It was in the evening and if we didn't pass them, these two people may have had to walk several hours back to the headquarters.
We had bicycles with us.  Amanda from the group studying pollinators let the stranded people use her car which gave us a good excuse to ride back down to headquarters.

Wild Ginger (Asarum Caudatum) flower

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