Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Last Few Days in the Field

Liam, Shannon and I had our last few days working on Bunchgrass Ridge.  We continued to work in the reference meadows, but also did a little bit of work in the forested control plots.  Many of the forest plants were the same plants that we were looking at in the treatment plots, but they looked so different in the forest instead of exposed to the sun.

We worked on tree encroachment for a while too.  Nico finished counting all of the seedlings that are growing in the plots, so the next part of his project is to measure the density, species type, and diameter of the adult trees bordering the plots.  Then, he can look see if there is a correlation between seedling dispersal and tree density.  

Now I have been home for a few days.  I miss being able to go step outside and go swim, or hike, or bike, or read, or whatever.  I think that there are opportunities for that in Portland, but it makes such a huge difference to have that on your doorstep.  

The three of us are going to work on our post field work portions of our project now.  We should be able to post them when they are all done.

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